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EDI Techs offers complete implementation and support services to ensure customer satisfaction in the implementaion or migration to a new system.

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EDI Packages

Gentran Server
Sterling Commerce
It offers unparalled scalability and flexibility, allowing you to begin with the level of solution required to meet your current needs, while providing a solid foundation and growth path upon which to build your organization's electronic commerce program.
Inovis (GXS)
Is a powerful, full-featured series of EC/EDI software solutions for enterprise-wide electronic commerce. It offers exceptionally high message processing performance, true platform independence across all major platforms, advance integration capabilities and sophisticated communications options.
Application Integrator
Is a powerful EDI mapping, translation and management system. It gives you processing speed and a rich set of application integration tools you need to quickly and efficiently implement your EDI program. This translator features superior flexibility, inter-operability, any-to-any translations and many-to-many data streams.
TSI Software
A market-leading software designed specifically to embrace diversity and meet the requirements for business integration across both application and enterprise boundaries. Within an EC environment, it provides the traditional functions of earlier-generation EDI translators while meeting the new integration challenges.

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